dragonfruits abound!

Yesterday, while walking from Banh Mi Saigon to Teado, I caught sight of a familiar pink fruit that got me so excited I cut across the street without checking for traffic. A dragonfruit! I hadn’t seen a dragonfruit in some time.

I was even more excited when, having made it safely across the street, I discovered that the dragonfruits for sale were plump and fresh-looking, and, even better, only $2.50 per pound. I could barely contain my excitement as we selected one for purchase.

dragonfruit for sale in Chinatown!

I carried our dragonfruit proudly down the street, and I was delighted to see that almost every fruit vendor in Chinatown was selling the bright pink fruits at reasonable prices. When I first started seeing dragonfruit for sale in New York, it was always sad-looking fruit priced at an unattainable $7.99 per pound – or even $11.99. I hadn’t even seen any dragonfruit for sale recently, which made the influx of affordable dragonfruit all the more sweet.

dragonfruit interior, ready for consumption! yum! China, 2007.

I first was introduced to the dragonfruit in China in 2007, and it was love at first sight. I was smitten with everything about the fruit, from the name, to the fanciful pink exterior, to the delicate flavor of the white, seed-speckled fruit itself. We devoured dragonfruit with fervor while in China, enjoying it at breakfast or dessert, or, my personal favorite, as a snack, scooped out of the skin with spoons.

Who needs a knife? We open a dragonfruit with a disposable fork in Hong Kong, August 2007.

I went through dragonfruit withdrawl after we returned from China. All other fruits suddenly seemed so pedestrian. Oranges? Yawn. Grapes? Please. Apples? Too boring to fathom. When we planned a trip to Southeast Asia the next year, I was hopeful at the possibility of dragonfruit. I saw dragonfruit pictured on the cover of the Rough Guide’s Vietnamese Phrasebook, but I still almost couldn’t believe we would have dragonfruit again. Happily, we weren’t in Vietnam more than a day before we were reunited with dragonfruit.

We bought metal spoons at the market so that we could eat our dragonfruit right away. Ho Chi Minh City, July 2008.

I’m not sure how long this dragonfruit season will last in New York, but I’m looking forward to feasting on dragonfruit as long as it lasts!

dragonfruit in my possession!


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