Friday Links

☆ When we were in China, we were amused by the fact that every tour ended with an opportunity for “shopping.” This shopping was, of course, thirty minutes tacked on at the end for us to meander through the attraction’s gift shop. Apparently we should have been wary of forced shopping. [Gadling]

☆ Do you live in New York? Here’s a guide to local products to help keep your carbon footprint low. [Refinery 29]

☆ I know that we all know that our online identities are evermore linked to our professional identities, but this article is a helpful reminder. [NYT]

☆ One of my friends is studying for the California bar (good luck, Kelley!), and this list of people you hate while studying for the bar is hilarious. (Note: if you’re offended by colorful language, do not click on that link. I’m looking at you, Mom!) [Legally Noted]

☆ The Fug Girls’s critique of a dress devolves into a melange of Clue references. I love it. [Go Fug Yourself]

… which brings me (happily) to this:

Happy Friday!


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