Friday night baseball and rain

I’m not a huge fan of baseball in general, but I do very much enjoy live sporting events. I like to wear team colors, drink beer outside, and cheer when the right team scores and groan when the wrong team scores. It’s all very entertaining. We hadn’t been to a baseball game yet this season, and so we made plans to cheer on the Yankees on Friday night.

Friday wasn’t the best day for a baseball game. It had been raining earlier in the day, and the air was still so thick with humidity that you could cut it with a knife. We might as well have been sitting in a sauna. The Yankees got an early start, scoring four runs in the first inning, which alleviated some of the anguish of sweating to death. We started to see dark clouds rolling in, and lightning started to light up the sky.

In the fifth inning, the sky opened up.

rolling out the tarp

Eventually, the rain stopped, and the grounds crew began a curious method of poking holes in the field to help it drain. Brushing the water of the field seemed to be a more effective method, but it may have been that both of those things were needed in tandem.

After the field was cleared, the Yankees went on to triumph over the Royals 7-1. (The other compelling item in the game – whether Alex Rodriguez would hit his 600th home run – did not turn out as favorably.)

It had poured at the last Yankees game that we attend as well (in August 2009), although that game didn’t have a rain delay. During both games – but this one in particular – we managed to stay dry even during the downpour, which leads me to the take-away lesson of this post: if it looks like rain, buy the cheap seats. It’s worlds better to be under the overhang during a storm than to be in an exposed seat closer to the field.


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