no-cook Tuesday night dinner

Cooking on a hot summer night is a special form of torture, which is why we opted for a no-cook dinner the other night. My favorite no-cook dinner is crackers, cheese, and wine – but some might (justifiably) argue that’s not really dinner at all. Our no-cook dinner on Tuesday night was considerably much more posh, almost as easy, and certainly more well-rounded.

this picture doesn’t really do it justice – there were lovely flecks of cayenne against the scallops, and it was very pretty

We made scallop and plum ceviche! We used Mark Bittman’s recipe from the New York Times, and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly the whole thing came together. We rounded out our meal with a cucumber salad loosely based off this Gourmet recipe and some baguette. Once we had some ice cream for dessert, all of our food groups were represented! Pretty good for a no-cook Tuesday night meal.

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