Friday Links

☆ I recently had to sit through an ethics seminar for lawyers, and, although it wasn’t specifically addressed, I’m pretty sure that you aren’t permitted to burglarize your client’s home. [Orlando Sentinel via ATL]

☆ It is WAY TOO HOT in New York. Said heat causes people to lose their minds. [NYT]

Have you ever had airline food you actually liked? I have! We flew Asiana once, and they serve excellent food. But it’s an interesting question: have you ever enjoyed your airline food? [Serious Eats]

☆ Thinking of airlines necessarily makes me think of travel, so here are five travel bloggers worth checking out. [Runaway Jane]

☆ When I was in law school and trying to write onto a journal, we had to argue for or against the sentencing disparity in powder and crack cocaine. The House just passed a bill to reduce that disparity. Future law students may not be subjected to that quandary. Lucky them. [NYT]

☆ Did you miss Restaurant Week this summer? No worries! Restaurant Week will confusingly extend through Labor Day. [Jaunted]

☆ Even if Restaurant Week isn’t your thing, here’s a great deal on a terrific restaurant: $20 for $40 at Madiba. I gave Madiba five stars on yelp! At press time, there were 2 days, 14 hours, and 40 minutes left to buy …

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