Hunter Tylo, what have you done to your face?

I was watching my soap opera this afternoon, and it made me sad.

This is what Hunter Tylo, who plays Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful, looked like in 1993, when she was named one of People’s Most Beautiful People:

This is what she looked like in today’s episode:

See what I mean? Her lips have slowly been inflating over the years, but her character recently went away to a “conference,” and when she came back, her entire face looked different … and a little scary.

5 responses to “Hunter Tylo, what have you done to your face?

  1. When I saw this bottom picture, I immediately thought of Danielle from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. That is sad … both that she’s changed so much and that I know what Danielle looks like. :)

    • That’s so funny you said that – I wasn’t paying a ton of attention when I turned on the DVR and, when I first looked up and saw her, I thought for a moment that I had accidentally selected RHONJ. (I probably shouldn’t admit that we DVR that … but we do!)

  2. ha. shes begining to look like heidi montag.

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  4. I thought it was just me who noticed the difference. She looks horrid. Wonder who talked her into the surgery? Not a beautiful woman any more.

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