Friday Links

☆ All manners of wild animals have been showing up in New Jersey lately (and that’s not a crack about either Snooki or Danielle Staub), including strangely adorable bears and sharks! [Gothamist]

☆ Twilight, Schmilight. BAM is screening real vampire movies in Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever. The series runs through September 30. [BAM]

☆ Someone rounded up a bunch of the bizarre international Pringles flavors like Blueberry Hazelnut and Philly Cheesesteak. [Huffington Post]

☆ CNN made a list of eight websites to brighten your day. Curiously, this list includes PostSecret, which usually makes me feel a little dirty. On the other hand, it also includes ZooBorns, which spotlights adorable baby zoo animals. [CNN]

sweet little baby hippo, via ZooBorns

☆ Oh, how I miss Jack McCoy.

“That dedication [to his job] often leads him to perform acts that are morally questionable. He pressures innocent people so that he can get to others; he hides and distorts evidence; he intentionally misleads both his courtroom opponents and his own staff; he has affairs with his assistants; he is insufferably self-righteous; and he is never seen out of the office without a drink in his hand.”

Thankfully, Law & Order lives on in reruns … even though it probably doesn’t like me. [NYT Opinion]

☆ It seems as though the Obama condom sellers may be no more. [Gothamist]

This tweet is, sadly, all too true. [@Jaunted via Twitter]

☆ Here’s something that might come in handy this weekend: Help I’m Drunk [I Need Help]

☆ And, just for kicks, a video a friend introduced me to through Google Reader:

Happy weekend!

One response to “Friday Links

  1. Hey! if the random generator number chooses you I ll definitely let you know!

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