Friday Links

☆ We can all get irritated when our days are interrupted by filming (as evinced by the large number of Chicago friends complaining about the new Transformers movie in my newsfeed), but have you ever thought about head-butting a production assistant? That’s how one guy decided to handle his irritation. Classy. [NY Post]

These sock monsters are all kinds of adorable. [Atlantis Home]

Lawyers jokes are never not funny, especially when told by lawyers. [Overheard in New York]

☆ There was a cat fashion show. That’s all I have to say. [Gothamist]

☆ Everyone has already read this, but Steven Slater’s inflatable slide escape with beer in hand is, without a doubt, the most amusing story of the week. [WSJ Metropolis]

☆ If you want to get inside the Statue of Liberty’s crown (and why wouldn’t you after I gave it such a ringing endorsement), you must do it soon – the statue is closing to visitors for a year. [Gothamist]

The Cut was more than a little skeeved out by the beetle jewelry Jane from Sea of Shoes debuted.

[The line] includes beetle charms that have little beetle legs and beetle mouths and whatever else beetles have on their undersides that the world doesn’t need to know about, much less have dangling around their necks near their décolletage.

I, on the other hand, am fascinated by the attention to detail. You have to see this stuff. It’s amazing. [The Cut, Sea of Shoes]

☆ I’ve grown out of my need to “perform a pointless feat of athleticism,” but the rest of this post about expectations vs. reality is pretty much (unfortunately) spot-on. [Hyperbole and a Half]


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