Wanderlust Wednesday: Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

Our recent visit to the Chinese Scholar’s Garden at Snug Harbor reminded me of our trip to China in 2007. The rice terraces at Longsheng are the farthest thing from a formal garden, but they are stunningly beautiful nonetheless.

Longsheng Rice Terraces, China, August 2007

We enticed another traveler to join us through the bulletin board in our hostel (which made the journey more cost-effective), and then we rented a taxi. He picked us up in Guilin and drove us out to the rice terraces, stopping at a small market for snacks once along the way. We spent the whole day hiking through the terraces, exploring and gasping in wonder. Just as we were leaving, the sky opened up, and we were stuck on a bridge waiting out the storm. Eventually, the rain cleared and our driver took us home. It was an amazing day.

See the above picture and more from the rice terraces on Flickr.

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