Friday Links

☆ The New York Times shows I’m not the only one who gets excited about being a mayor on Foursquare. These people are way more intense than I am. (Although, I will have you know, I’m still the mayor of Cong Ly and my local farmers market. I was recently deposed as mayor of my gym.)

☆ This takes homemade iced coffee to a whole new level.

This map is awesome.

☆ Oh, Jersey Shore … so unaware of its true audience.

☆ You can have all your tweets bound. Just in case you need your 140-character comment on what you ate for lunch two weeks ago preserved for posterity.

☆ Are you among those taking your fashion cues from Elaine Benes?

This Flickr set is a beautiful and interesting look at what people carry around with them every day.

Urban corn!

☆ This adorable anthropomorphization of bear hats will make you smile. I read it on Saturday, and I’m still smiling.


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