Friday Links

☆ Dear Lady Gaga, it was gross when America’s Next Top Model did it, and it’s still gross when you do it. Gross and tired.

☆ The determination of this woman failed the drivers’ test 959 times before finally passing is so inspiring.

☆ I personally like my vacation pictures to have me (or my traveling companions) in them, but some people prefer Jessica Fletcher in theirs. To each his own.

There is a horse in the Apple store. That needs no more introduction.

☆ Hey, if this lawyer thing doesn’t work out, I can always be a cleaning lady.

☆ In case anyone is curious as to how the Vampire Diaries turned out after my gushing about it yesterday, I’m sharing Television Without Pity’s recap of the season premiere. It was awesome.

☆ And finally, I heard this song at a bar on Tuesday night (don’t judge! it was after a Yankees game!) and was understandably delighted. This song reminds me of some of the best nights in law school.

With that, happy weekend!


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