the hunt for happy hour

My girlfriends and I are always on the hunt for a good happy hour location, something that’s surprisingly difficult in a city this size. Our requirements are simple: we want to be able to have a seat, a relatively cheap drink, and the option to have something to eat. We’re not high maintenance girls.

This is a list of a few of the places that we’ve tried so far, noting the deal, location, atmosphere, drinks, and food:

West 3rd Common

  • The Deal: $3 draft beers, $4 well drinks and wine, and $5 cosmos and apple martinis every day from 4:00 to 8:00 pm (“We are proud to offer the best happy hour in the Noho section of Greenwich Village near NYU,” the website proclaims.)
  • Location: West 3rd & Broadway, close enough to public transportation
  • Atmosphere: I love the interior of this place. It has high ceilings, so it always feels a little more spacious than it actually is. It’s always bustling, which, while fun, can sometimes make it hard to get a table.
  • Drinks: The cosmos and apple martinis are (unsurprisingly) a little overly sweet, but they have a decent kick to them.
  • Food: I’ve eaten the pulled pork twice because nothing else interested me, and I’ve found it overly salty both times. However, in preparing this post, I checked out the menu online and there are some new menu items like salads and roasted vegetable tacos.

image source: West 3rd Common’s website

The Dove Parlour

  • The Deal: $6 specialty martinis, carafes of select wine, glasses of sparkling wine, cosmos, and margaritas every day from 4:00 to 8:00 pm (According to the menu, in cold weather this also includes hot spiced mulled red wine.)
  • Location: Thompson between West 4th and Bleecker, close to the ACEBDFM at West 4
  • Atmosphere: It’s in the basement. On the one hand, this is nice because you’re not subjected to the craziness that is that neighborhood, but, on the other hand, it’s kind of dark and dreary.
  • Drinks: We all loved the French Lavendar, a cocktail of lavendar-infused gin, orange liqueur, and grapefruit.
  • Food: We weren’t inspired by the menu of tea sandwiches and cheese, but there are tons of options for food in the immediate vicinity.

image source: The Dove Parlour’s website


  • The Deal: $5 lychee martinis, Asian sangria, Vietnamese bloody marys, mixed cocktails, and house wine, and $3 Yeungling bottles every day from 5:00 to 10:00 pm (An ad on Verlaine’s Yelp page claims it is “NYC’s Most Celebrated Happy Hour.”)
  • Location: Rivington between Ludlow and Essex, just a short hop from the F at Delancey or the JZ at Essex
  • Atmosphere: The inside looks nothing like what I expected from the outside. It’s all high ceilings and mood lighting.
  • Drinks: We only tried the lychee martinis, and they were tasty.
  • Food: The menu is Southeast Asian tapas, which is fun and something different than most happy hour locations. My memory is failing me, but I think we had summer rolls, vegetarian pancakes, and some sort of dumpling.

image source: Verlaine’s website

10 degrees

  • The Deal: 2 for 1 cocktails per person every day until 8:00 pm
  • Location: St. Marks Place between 1st and Avenue A, which means (a) that it’s forever away from public transportation and (b) you have to walk through throngs of college students to get there, leading you to think, my God, I am way too old for this.
  • Atmosphere: The place is laid-back and more grown-up than one would expect given that one must walk past head shops to get there. Also, we loved our waitress.
  • Drinks: We sampled the Newport Apricot Cooler (gin, brandy, apricot liqueur, fresh lime juice, and ginger ale on the rocks) and the French 75 (gin, Cointreau, champagne, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice), and both were delicious. I was worried that since it was a buy one, get one deal that we would have to have both of our drinks at the same time, but, thankfully, that’s not how it works there. Also, you don’t have to have both drinks before the happy hour ends – as long as you have ordered one, you’re grandfathered in for the second.
  • Food: We snacked on the Crostini Santorini, which was crostini baked with feta cheese, diced green olives, oregano and olive oil. We ended up leaving for dinner, and there were plenty of places to choose from in the neighborhood.

image source: 10 Degrees’s website

I’m always accepting more happy hour suggestions!


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