Friday Links

☆ This picture of Susan Sarandon and her dog during Fashion Week made me smile. I mean, look, her dog’s cute little pink tongue is sticking out. It’s adorable..

☆ OMG. It’s a REAL LIFE LIGER. Not to mention a zorse.

☆ I love Hyperbole and a Half. In this most recent installment, she wants to go to a birthday party after having some dental work done. The best line: “It was at that point that my mom noticed all the people glaring at her and realized that, from an outside perspective, it appeared as though she was not only refusing to let her poor, mentally disabled daughter go to a park and/or a birthday party, but was also taunting her child about her disability.” Her poor mother.

Gossip Girl is back! Now with even more ridiculous plots!

Are Das Racist a real band now? I just love that headline. (Of course, now I have the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song in my head.)

☆ You can rent a cow in Switzerland. I think this sounds awesome. I adore farm animals.

☆ And just to keep you occupied, here are (allegedly) the 100 worst songs ever. I owned most of these at one time or another.


One response to “Friday Links

  1. 1.) I love hyperbole and a half! I burst out laughing at the picture of her imagining running through the park and her mom going “let’s get you to that party!”
    2.) that list of 100 songs is basically a cc playlist ready-made

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