Friday Links

☆ This snark-filled vintage ad is entirely amusing.

Pandemonia is a London-based artist who hides behind a voluminous inflatable mask … and attends fashion shows.

☆ These pillows are no cat paintings, but everyone loves some creepy cat art.

“We don’t need tickets. I’m Chuck Bass.”

☆ Speaking of Gossip Girl, here’s an interview with Eric Daman, who does the costumes.

☆ Who would have imagined it was so easy to squat in the Empire State Building?

☆ Someone has taken it upon herself to illustrate Claudia’s outfits from The Baby-Sitters Club, and the first installment is beautiful.

☆ Doesn’t this make you want a pet pig? Watch his adorable little tail.

Happy weekend!


One response to “Friday Links

  1. that makes me want to have a kitten. MEOW

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