Friday Links

☆ The Fug Girls put together this fun little slideshow of dream cameos. Obviously, I’m on board with the Vampire Diaries one – anything that gets Buffy Summers back on the air is cool with me.

☆ Speaking of vampires, I’m calling shenanigans on this piece allegedly quoting one of the (male) Twilight stars as loving the way they’re shooting the birthing scene. *shudder.*

Stay classy, Northwestern.

☆ My friend shared this amazing cloudscapes project last week, but somehow I missed it at the time. I’ve always wanted to walk in clouds!

☆ A different friend shared this terrifying piece on the inherent weakness of the subway, and I may never leave Brooklyn again.

☆ And, because today is World Vegetarian Day, here’s a reminder that fish are not vegetables. I’m no longer a vegetarian and I still love that strip.


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