As almost all of you know, I am forever working on my novel. I completed an 80,000 word manuscript this year, and I tried to market it as a young adult piece. I didn’t have much success with this, and I think one of my major stumbling points was in my marketing. The story deals with mature issues, but I had assumed I needed to sell it as a young adult piece because the characters were teenagers. I don’t think that’s true anymore – some of my favorite books, Prep and Special Topics in Calamity Physics have teenagers as the main characters – and so I’m currently working on revising my manuscript to appeal to an adult audience. It’s mostly about returning the story to where I thought it should be before I dulled down some of the sharp edges for young adults.

The process is a little agonizing, as I constantly whine to myself, but I already wrote this, and so I signed up for a fiction class to work on my craft. The class started last night, and I’m really excited about it. Not only will we be discussing key topics like character development and point of view (and, later, marketing our work!), we are going to workshop each other’s pieces. This is what I desperately need. I took a couple of creative writing courses in college, and the workshopping always improved my work. It helps to have another pair of critical, unbiased eyes on it. I tried to join a writers group here in New York, but there was a lot of NCIS fanfiction being presented, and it wasn’t helping me. I think this class will be different, though, and I’m really looking forward to it!


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  1. E-mailing you – amazing! Enjoy!! :)

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