Wanderlust Wednesday: Xi’an, China

We had dinner at Xi’an Famous Foods last week, and I knew that Xi’an would be this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday. We ate at the East Village location, which, while it does have tables (unlike the Chinatown location), has a very small number of them. We had to wait a while to be seated, and staring at the pictures of the food just made me hungry, so I concentrated on the framed pictures of Xi’an.

Marc and I went to Xi’an during our tour of China in 2007. We hit the highlights in the city, like the Drum Tower, the Bell Tower, and the old city walls, and, of course, we trekked out to see the Terracotta Warriors. Visiting the warriors was an adventure in and of itself, as we had to chase down tiny green buses in a parking lot and competed for seats with hoardes of domestic Chinese tourists. It took us a few tries, but we eventually crammed ourselves onto a bus.

Xi’an, China, August 2007

The warriors are amazing. There are thousands upon thousands of warriors lined up in the pits, and each one is different. Seeing them was definitely worth the bruises I incurred trying to board that bus.

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