rewind, part 4

I sent my brother off to LGA on Thursday morning, and I followed that evening. We both flew into Chicago – he then picked up his car at the airport and drove to my folks’ house downstate, and I was picked up at Midway by my super-awesome friend Liz. (Thanks again, Liz!)

Kristen, one of my best girlfriends from college, got married in one of the suburbs that Saturday. Because we were in the wedding party, Liz and I needed to get to the suburbs by midday on Friday for manicures and pedicures. (And champagne and Kristen’s mom’s excellent pepperoni bread!)

Liz and I stopped first at the Benefit store for some highly necessary brow maintenance and some unnecessary but delightful cosmetics purchases, and then we picked up our other friend Kristin and began our (surprisingly long) drive to the suburbs.

Kristen & Dan, the happy couple

The entire wedding weekend was beautiful. Kristen, who is always gorgeous, looked particularly stunning. The weather couldn’t have been better; it was the perfect kind of October day that’s both crisp and sunny. The church was breath-taking, the rehearsal dinner was lovely, and the reception was the a seamless mix of class and fun, with touching speeches and lots of DANCING. :)

bridesmaids having fun in the golf cart

taking a break from the DANCING

Congrats again, Kristen & Dan!


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