music to run to

My exercise routine has become a little stale, and yesterday I decided that mixing up my playlist would probably help. My friend Kristen always seems to keep her heart-pumping music more current than me, so I enlisted her help. She sent me a great list of songs, and it definitely served its purpose – I had an excellent workout yesterday. Thanks, Kristen!

Some other friends commented on my post on Kristen’s wall that they would like the list as well, and so it occurred to me to list my current top ten favorite songs to run to.

1. Like a G6, The Far East Movement*
2. Dynamite, Taio Cruz*
3. We R Who We R, Ke$ha*1
4. Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
5. Just Dance, Lady Gaga2
6. In My Head, Jason Derulo
7. Only Girl (In the World), Rihanna*
8. Your Love is My Drug, Ke$ha3
9. Bulletproof, La Roux
10. Firework, Katy Perry*4

I would love to hear some more suggestions!

* detonates song from Kristen’s list
1 This is my new power song! I know she’s talking about partying, but when she repeats “hard” (as in, “tonight we’re going to go hard”), it totally makes me run harder.
2 I know this is the oldest of Lady Gaga’s songs, but it’s still my favorite.
3 I recently re-discovered this one, and I can’t stop listening to it. Ke$ha may be auto-tuned nearly to the point of distraction, but the girl has some catchy songs.
4 If the lyric “baby, you’re a firework, come on let your colors burst” doesn’t amp up your cardio, I think you might be dead inside.


4 responses to “music to run to

  1. I wish I listened to more pop music. I have yet to create a good work out playlist that is not primarily classic rock.

  2. Some of my latest favorites are: Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” (awesome to run to!); “California Gurls”; and whatever the new Eminem is called.

    Good luck with the running!

  3. Try – there’s a ton of workout playlists.

  4. I may or may not have added “baby i like it” to my mix for last weekends race. my workout songs are so embarassing :)

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