> under construction <

If you visit the blog today and it looks a little wonky, it’s because I’m working on finding a new theme (the old one seemed a little dark!) and some other stuff. Just FYI.


2 responses to “> under construction <

  1. Sorta random, as it has to do more with your previous post on Dim Sum, but as someone who eats Dim Sum multiple times a week, just had to add this: don’t skip out on the Turnip Cake (Lo Bo Gao). It has little minced bits of pork, but sooooo much turnip goodness.

    And you usually have to ask, as most of the time the restaurants will serve you Chinese Green Tea, but try the Chrysanthemum Tea (Ju Hwa Cha). It should come with a tiny plate of rock sugar to sweeten :)

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