Friday Links

Galley Cat has been listing tips for NaNoWriMo all month. My two favorites are the graphical dictionary and the reverse dictionary. (I really like dictionaries.)

☆ Gawker provided this excellent tip, inter alia, in its Guide to Navigating Airport Security with Ease: Don’t let a drunk stranger pack your bag, while you’re drunk.

☆ Watch out, the face of The Rent is Too Damn High is going to run for President! (Or at least he is if Obama doesn’t personally respond to his invitations to visit New York!)

☆ I love the illustrated comparisons between New York and Paris in Paris vs. New York, a tally of two cities.

☆ Hyperbole and a Half recounts the pleasures (or lack thereof) of moving across states with animals. I love her “simple dog.”

☆ Kelley showed me this, and it’s amazing: Watch 23 Seasons of the Bold and the Beautiful in Seven Minutes. If only they had continued it into this week, they could have noted that Ridge and Taylor’s son Thomas kissed Brooke at a fashion show. Classic television.


One response to “Friday Links

  1. Helen Bredson

    Thanks for the great links! By the way, as for languages, I also use other online tools, such as thesaurus dictionary.

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