safe and happy travels!

There is no Wanderlust Wednesday today because I’m too busy dreading the travel that I have scheduled today to dream about traveling to exotic destinations.  I’m flying to Cincinnati for the long holiday weekend, and I am expecting nothing less than mass chaos when I reach LaGuardia.  The security line at LGA is never fun, and the combination of new TSA regulations and the holiday travel crush promise to make it hair-pullingly agonizing.

source: someecards

Here’s hoping your travel is not awful!  (Send some happy travel thoughts my way also, please.)

Extra Credit:

What Not to Wear
SNL on TSA pat-downs
New TSA badge on Foursquare




One response to “safe and happy travels!

  1. Eek! Happy travels! I hope the invasive naked pictures aren’t too scarring. Thank God I just have to drive for an hour.

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