Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, Part 2

We did a little bit of shopping on Friday, but not much.  We’re not big Black Friday shoppers; we tend to be dissuaded by long lines, and I’m not really a fan of crowds.  I did get some new gloves, though, hooray!  No longer will my right thumb freeze through the hole in my mittens.  Mom and Dad had a long drive back to Illinois, so they left after lunch.  Dave and I spent the afternoon watching a marathon of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, which is an entirely amusing program.

Dave and I had dinner at Via Vite.  They sat us at the “chef’s table,” which is a fancy way of saying that they pulled barstools up to the counter by the kitchen pass-through.  It was kind of fun to watch the kitchen work – and I could peer into the big stone oven and see our pizza cooking!  We stopped at Blockbuster – a chain that I didn’t realize was still in operation! – and picked up Frailty, as recommended by the Blockbuster employee.  It was decidedly creepy.

On Saturday, Dave took me on a tour of his law school.  It was fun to see where he goes to school.  We also took a walk around campus (a brisk walk because it was cold!), and the campus looked really nice.  We had dinner that night at Ichiban, which I enjoyed, despite feeling a bit guilty about eating sushi only days after visiting the aquarium.  After dinner, we went out for a bit.  The bar had a live band that was playing some really good covers, including (and maybe especially) “All the Small Things.”  I treated my brother to a sing-along.  :)  We stopped again at Blockbuster and picked up Shutter Island, which is another creepy one.  (I blame all these creepy movies for the fact that, in class on Monday, I read a piece as containing a murder when no one else did.)

On Sunday, Dave and I made a quick trip to the Museum of Natural History and Science.  We had a false start – apparently there are several museums contained in this complex, so when I requested tickets for “the history museum,” she sold me tickets to the Cincinnati History Museum, which features only the history of Cincinnati.  Once we were inside, we realized our mistake, and she graciously exchanged our tickets for the right museum.  The museum contained, inter alia, The Cavern, which is a dark, slightly claustrophobic replica of a cave (populated, at least during our trip, by shrieking teenagers), and animatronic dinosaurs!

Did you know that T-Rexes were hairy when they were babies?  Me neither!


After the museum, Dave drove me to the airport so that I could make my way home to New York.  My flight home wasn’t as smooth – I got bodyscanned, the girl next to me burst her pen just before take-off, and there was a child that wailed like a hound dog.  It wasn’t too unbearable, though, because my iPod was freshly loaded with the new My Chemical Romance album.  :)

Thanks again for showing me around Cincinnati, Brother!


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