Things I Love Thursday

Gala Darling makes a Things I Love Thursday list every week, and I think it’s such a wonderful idea.  It’s so easy to dwell on all the things that make you crazy in a week (holiday travel, waiting for other people to make decisions, rain), but we’d all be so much happier if we focused instead on the things that make us happy!  (Or, if not instead, at least in equal measure.)  Gala used to encourage people to post their lists on her website, but she recently closed the comments and now suggests that people post their lists on their own blogs (which she then aggregates).

I think it’s an inspiring idea!  Read my Things I Love Thursday after the jump:

☆ my oldest friend visiting this weekend!
Anthropology of an American Girl, which I picked up randomly in a used bookstore and absolutely cannot put down
☆ Top Chef All-Stars – I love Anthony Bourdain being a permanent judge, and I am glad the wonderfully strange Angelo is getting another chance at winning
☆ the great weekend I spent with my family …
☆ … and  now being home with my boyfriend!
☆ my new Empire State Building widget for my dashboard
☆ getting my star-shaped wreath out of the closet in preparation for the Christmas season
☆ following the Famous Women Twitter account


2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Adore that you are linked on Gala Darling – and that you turned me on to her in the first place! Have a great weekend :)

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