Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m excited because one of my very best friends, Cate, is visiting this weekend and we’re having a long-overdue dinner with my two best New York friends!

Cate and I under the Eiffel Tower, August 1997

And now some links for your weekend:

☆  New York is a great place to visit, but there’s no denying that it’s expensive.  Here are Ten Budget Travel Tips for New York.

☆  Hey, it’s a party shirt!  I’ve got one of those!  (Apparently, mine is also a karaoke shirt …)

☆  Are you playing Angry Birds?  So is everyone else!  (The completely perfect and hilarious way the WSJ summarizes the game: “Players turn different species of scowling birds into projectiles with which to crush a collection of grunting pigs scattered around various ramshackle structures.”)

☆  Do you remember when I saw American Idiot?  Billie Joe Armstrong is playing the role of St. Jimmy from January 1 – February 27!  If you haven’t seen it yet, that might be a good time to go.

☆  Uh-oh, Jenny and her hair extensions have been put on indefinite hiatus from Gossip Girl.

☆  Did everyone notice my NaNoWriMo winner badge in the sidebar?  Yay!  Now, if you’re a winner also, remember the importance of editing!

☆  Brooklyn Based put together a guide of Brooklyn-made items that you can buy online, which is pretty cool.  Actually, I’m smitten with the title: Gift Guide for Agoraphobes.

☆  My brother sent me this link to the Top 10 Haunted US College Campuses.  Our alma mater made the list at #2, but I’ve never heard those stories.  The one that I have always heard is that the English Building is haunted by the ghost of a woman who drowned there when it was a women’s dormitory.  A variation of that story, and more, is online at Prairie Ghosts.  (I’ve also heard that a certain sorority house has a ghost that cries behind the walls, but I’ve never seen anything in print about that.)

☆  I have long maintained that LaGuardia is the worst airport in the world.  A Zagat survey found that it is at least the worst airport in the United States.  I feel vindicated.  And sad that I have to fly out of there in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the weekend!


7 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Does the NaNoWrMo Winner badge mean you finished a novel in November?? I always thought it was mean of them to schedule it in a month with only 30 days – and a holiday at the end, to boot! Congratulations!!!

    • Thanks! It only has to be 50,000 to be considered a winner, and it’s nothing that will ever see the light of day in its current form – but I’m really happy that I finished it. Forcing myself to write through the story, even when I was stuck or feeling uninspired, really helped me develop the characters. I’m sure that will be a huge help when I finally get around to editing the story!

  2. Woah. I had never heard that story about U of I, but it’s incredibly creepy. I did hear the stuff about the English Building, but after spending most of my time in that building, I think it’s bull. However, the attic classrooms are super creepy.

  3. Thanks for the NYC travel tips – I’m hoping to head that way close to the end of next year, so I made a quick PDF of that page to have handy!!

    Agreed on never hearing those stories about U of I except that of the English building, but having practically lived there, I’m with The Faux Trixie – attic classrooms were creepy!

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