visit from an old friend

Cate, my oldest friend and one of my dearest, was in New York this weekend!  It was fantastic to see her!

She arrived on Friday afternoon, and, after spending a few hours catching up and giggling at pictures of ourselves in our younger years, we met The Crooked Knife.  We’re always on the lookout for places that we can have decent drinks, reasonably priced (but tasty) dinner, and freedom to talk and laugh loudly, and I think we may have found a good location.  No one gave us dirty looks when we were shrieking with laughter over something funny we had seen on the internet.  (Oh, smartphones, allowing us to share funny blogs while at the dinner table.)

We then hopped over to the Rusty Knot to meet up with the guys.  The guys had gotten there early enough to snag a booth, and we discovered that they serve $3 Busch in retro red tumblers.  (This was a positive!)  We stayed out pretty late, and we acquired a gigantic pumpkin on our way to the train.

We had Saturday morning (um … afternoon) brunch at Rice, home of the best breakfast potatoes ever, and then we took Cate to the Brooklyn Flea.  She got some neat maps, including one of Köln, which she and I visited together in August 1997.

I then insisted upon dragging everyone into Manhattan to “see Christmas.”  We started in Bryant Park, where we checked out the tree, watched the ice skaters, and got some hot apple cider.  We then walked (read: fought our way through the crowd) up to Rockefeller Center to see the big Christmas tree.  It was complete and utter chaos.  I know that the city can get crowded around the holidays, but there were just so many people.  There were too many people to even fit on the sidewalks, and the police were holding ropes up to keep people from spilling into the streets and obstructing traffic.  We got our shot of the tree and then moved on, heading for somewhere a little less congested.

We checked out the Dalí stuff on sale at the Time Warner Center (do you have an extra half a million to spend on a doodle?  if so, that’s the place!), and then hung around in Argo for a while.  We finally decided to head down to the East Village and get some Indian food.  By the time we were done with dinner, we were all pretty tired (and cold!), and Cate had an early flight, so we decided to head home.

I was so happy that Cate was able to come and visit, and I miss her already!  Happily, I’ll see her again soon at Christmas.


One response to “visit from an old friend

  1. Such a bright and lovely blog! I am looking forward to reading more of Perky To A Fault!

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