Do This: Dim Sum in Flushing

On Sunday, we finally got around to doing one of the things we’ve been talking about since I moved to New York: have dim sum in Flushing.

I’ll give you the bad news first.  It’s not easy to get to Flushing.  Flushing is way up there.  We took a tri-borough route, heading into Manhattan to transfer to the 7 at Times Square.  (If we had wanted to go directly from Brooklyn, we would have had to rely on the G, which is a dicey proposition.)  Our trip there was fairly quick, as the track work made our 7 train run express. The train made all its normal local stops on the way back, however, and it was a long ride home.

that’s Flushing up there with the A

Your travel will take you at least an hour each way, so make sure you have enough time to allocate to a dim sum adventure in Flushing.  If you have the time, it’s definitely worth it.

We went to Jade Asian Restaurant.  Like so many of the big dim sum places down in Chinatown, it’s a huge space.  Unlike those places, though, it’s not dripping with opulent glitz.  It’s almost minimalist decor and huge picture window make dim sum a brighter, sunnier affair.

image from Cassy S. on Yelp

Food comes quickly at Jade; we had barely taken off our coats and we had a pile of baskets on our table, with more servers pushing their wares.  There’s also a huge variety of dim sum, and it was all very good.  The food seemed to all be very good quality (nothing is worse than gritty shrimp), and it was all flavorful. It was also all very pretty; this was no slapdash operation with poorly constructed dumplings.  I can’t remember everything we had, but my favorites were the steamed barbecue pork buns.  It’s not a terribly original favorite, I know, but I always really like those things, and these ones were very good.  Also, on recommendation of a commenter on another of my posts about dim sum, I tried the turnip cake, and I really liked it.

barbecue pork bun image from Lily Z. on Yelp

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