Friday Links

Happy Friday!

They’re demolishing Mars Bar! I’ll miss its wacky exterior.

☆ Someone that I know claims not to like the Beatles.  I don’t really understand how that’s possible – the Beatles have such a wide variety of music that there’s something for everyone!  In any event, Vulture instructs on how to properly hate the Beatles.

☆ The color of 2011 is “honeysuckle.” The WSJ has more background on Pantone and the choosing of a color.

☆ Here’s how to be a more intuitive cook in five easy steps.  I have absolutely no intuition in the kitchen – if I don’t follow a recipe, everything jumps right into a handbasket.

☆ Here’s your daily dose of cute: zoo animals opening Christmas presents!

☆ Finally, just in case anyone missed it: “You have obviously just put a blanket on a dog while it is sitting in your car and taken a photo.”

☆ Finally, finally, I’ll leave you with a clip from White Christmas, my favorite Christmas movie of all time.  (Spoiler: expect more of these in the coming weeks!)


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