Wanderlust Wednesday: Amsterdam

Mom and I were watching an America’s Next Top Model marathon yesterday morning, and the models went to Amsterdam. The shots they used to set up the scene were so lovely and inspired me for this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday.

image credit: gramz on Flickr

I’ve been to Amsterdam, but only briefly, and I don’t have any pictures of my own to share.1 During a trip to Belgium in 1999, my travel companions and I hopped over to Amsterdam for the day. We took a tour of the Anne Frank house (which ended in a fire alarm and evacuation) and otherwise just strolled around aimlessly, admiring the city.

Read More:
Official Website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions: Amsterdam
Official Website of the Amsterdam Tourism & Conventions Board
Lonely Planet: Amsterdam
☆  Anne Frank Museum

Extra Credit:
☆ Lonely Planet is offering some free city guides for iPhone until December 23rd!  (Amsterdam is among the cities available.)  If you’re an Android user like me, some of the compass city guides are only 99¢ until December 25th!

1 A few photos do exist, but they’re non-digital and physically in New York.

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