Friday Links

Happy Friday, and Happy Christmas Eve! Now for some links while you’re waiting for your holiday celebration to start …

my adorable dog in her sweater

☆ Housecats climbing in Christmas trees are both funny and festive.

☆ Another Village dive bar is closing its doors.  I’ll miss the Stoned Crow; it’s one of my favorites.

☆ Here’s a blog post on drawing inspiration from others in order to boost your own creativity.

☆ Allie from Hyperbole and a Half reveals how Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas, and it’s hilarious.  My favorite line: “The wise men, who were heavily intoxicated at that point in the evening, decided to dress themselves like gypsies.”

☆ There might not be enough ugly Christmas sweaters to go around.  The horror!

☆ I am an avid Judge Judy fan, and I cracked up over this cartoon of Judge Judy taking on the Gawker hackers.

☆ I’ll leave you with this video of the Abominable Snowmonster roaring:

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