snowy travels

New York was slammed with a pretty serious blizzard the other day.  The city was blanketed under 20 inches of snow (including the insides of the subway stations!), and transportation was brought to pretty much a standstill.  The airports were closed, and the subway and commuter trains were all stopped.  Some people were even stuck on the subway for days.

I was not feeling optimistic about my 7:50 am flight from Chicago-Midway to LaGuardia.  Southwest was allowing travelers holding tickets through Tuesday, December 28 the opportunity to reschedule with no additional cost … but the earliest I would be able to get back was Friday evening.  Since the blizzard seemed to have come and gone, I held on to my Tuesday morning flight with fingers crossed.

BK snow mountain Brooklyn snow mountain

It was the right decision.  My flight took off a little late, but not much, and we arrived in New York near our scheduled time.  Unfortunately, that was when the wheels fell off of my journey a bit.  The baggage carousels were so backed up with unclaimed luggage that there was nowhere to put the newly arriving luggage.  The attendants were pulling those bags off the carousels as fast as they could so that our bags could arrive, and, by the time my bag finally appeared, forty-five minutes later, I had to navigate through a densely packed sea of ownerless luggage.

The taxi queue was unfathomably long, but I joined it anyway.  I wasn’t confident that any of the buses were running, and, even if they were, I only know how to take them to the Q, which I had seen online wasn’t running again yet.  When the taxi line wasn’t moving, I finally gave up and checked out the bus stop, but it was surrounded by a swarm of people, none of whom could say with any certainty that the bus was actually running.  I finally decided to buy an express bus ticket to Grand Central, and I got on the 5.  That got me to Brooklyn, but then there was a huge mountain of snow to climb (with my suitcase!) before I got home.

But I am finally, finally home, hurray!


2 responses to “snowy travels

  1. Glad you made it home safely!

  2. So glad you made it back safely – I was thinking White Christmas thoughts of you as it was snowing on Christmas Eve. I adore that you treasure that movie as much as I do. :)

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