Friday Links

Happy New Years Eve! Just a few links to end 2010 …

sydney habour bridge & opera house fireworks new year eve 2008 photo credit: Linh_rOm

☆  Snooki may not be descending into Times Square in a ball, but she’s poised and ready to do just that in New Jersey.

☆  These tigers enjoying the NYC blizzard might just be the cutest things ever.

☆  I spent way too much time looking around this map of American dialects.  Intriguingly, I discovered I’m originally from an area with a “General American” dialect with no discernible regional characteristics.

☆  This New York Times article on the evolution of MoMA is interesting.  (It also addresses the curious use of the big open exhibit space, particularly with that Yoko Ono exhibit.)

☆  This animated rendition of the MTA fare increase is hilarious.  It makes the subway look very dangerous – not only with the “perverts and sociopaths” but with falling electronic equipment, slamming doors, and missing trains.  My favorite part might be the MTA shaking some poor guy out for his change around 1:08.


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