Motion Pictures at MoMA

This post is more than a bit delayed, but I got busy with holiday preparation, and then the holidays, and then the snow, and … well, you see the pattern.

A few weeks ago, we went to the preview of the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  The exhibit is primarily composed of twelve of his Screen Tests arranged in one room, and it also includes the silent film Kiss.  It was kind of wacky to stand there and watch these looping films run on huge screens, but it was wacky in a good way.  We had a great time, despite the crushingly long line for drinks.

MoMA has encouraged people to submit their own screen tests through Flickr and is collecting them on its exhibition site.  I, being bored in Illinois one afternoon, did this, and you can see my screen test by visiting the exhibition site, selecting “view all” (by hovering over the current screen), and scrolling until you find me (I seem to be about fourteen rows from the bottom).  The idea is to remain as motionless as possible, but about forty seconds in, I started feeling awfully silly and began giggling.

screen cap of my screen test

The exhibit runs until March 21, so check it out if you get the chance.  It’s pretty cool.


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