in which I cannot make pancakes

I am not the best cook – you won’t see me on Top Chef any time soon, that’s for sure – but I can typically follow a recipe and produce something fairly decent, if not visually appealing. However, this general rule doesn’t seem to apply to breakfast items. I have a dismal track record where French toast and pancakes are concerned.

I used to blame my impatience on my failed breakfast items. I get antsy waiting over the stove for these things to cook slowly, so that they can cook all the way through without burning on the outside. I tend to flatten the item in question with my spatula, pressing it down into the pan and hoping that this would hurry up the process. Things did cook more quickly, but they also became dense and, well, ugly.

I have managed to rein in that impulse, and, although it’s taken five years, I’ve reached a truce with French toast. I think I can cook that as well as I’m ever going to be able to. Pancakes seem like they would be easy enough: mix the ingredients in a bowl and employ the same cooking method as the French toast. How, then, do I explain this?

unfortunately blue pancakes

I followed the recipe with only two slight variations. The first variation, substituting frozen (and thawed) blueberries for fresh, is to blamed for the color of the pancakes. The second variation, adding two tablespoons of melted butter instead of three (because I value my arteries, even when cooking indulgent pancakes for brunch), should not have caused my pancakes to be the consistency of melted ice cream. If anything, there would be less reason for my pancakes to be runny, greasy messes.

I added more flour (a lot more flour!) to the batter until the pancakes were finally able to hold their shape in the pan, but, honestly, they still weren’t very impressive. Accordingly, my new goal is to learn to make better breakfast food! I am going to learn how to make better pancakes (blueberry and otherwise), French toast, muffins, and the like if it takes all year.


3 responses to “in which I cannot make pancakes

  1. Perhaps you need that nifty pancake-maker you gave me in college. At least the lid would prevent you from smooshing the pancakes:)

  2. Mine finally got better after just making lots and lots of horrible ones. It’s still not a perfect science. Mine used to have weird shapes and consistencies. I would only make them for myself :)

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