Friday Links

image credit: bloesem living via pinterest

Happy Friday! Here are a few links for the weekend:

☆ It’s conventional wisdom that Britney Spears doesn’t always make the best life choices, but the best (and worst!) of her advice in her lyrics has put into a slideshow.

☆ This piece imagining what happened to the members of the Baby Sitters Club is hilarious. (Poor Logan!)

☆ While I was in law school, I spent a lot of hours proofreading articles. One of the most mind-numbing tasks was making sure that there were two spaces after every period. Thus, this article asserting that there should be only one space really surprised (and, honestly, offended) me.

☆ A fellow WordPress blogger visited a sanctuary for elephants and rhinoceroses, and blogged a lot of pictures of adorable baby elephants.

☆ Is there anyone (well, anyone who watched Project Runway this season) who didn’t love Mondo? There’s an interview with him up on Marie Claire’s website!

☆ As I mentioned last week, I got sucked into watching Skins on Netflix, which turned into watching the MTV version on Monday. Here’s a list of thirty differences between the UK and US pilots. The best part is the video at the top which runs the original Sid and Cassie trampoline scene alongside the new Stanley and Cadie one.


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