9 Chatham Square is back!

Excellent news! 9 Chatham Square, our favorite dim sum place, is back in business!

image credit: Dennis L. on Yelp

Last summer, we tried to pay a visit to 9 Chatham Square and found it closed. A helpful woman translated the sign for us, and she reported that they had lost their lease. Over the next several months, we noticed activity inside the closed storefront. Work permits appeared in the windows, but they weren’t terribly helpful, since 9 Chatham Square was not only the name of the original restaurant but its address. We kept an eye on the situation, and, two weekends ago, we discovered that they had reopened!

We had just finished having lunch, so we weren’t in the market for dim sum, but we did pop in and verify that it was, in fact, the same restaurant. It is! It has the same menu and the same dirt-cheap prices. We eagerly came back this past weekend to check it out. I kept trying to determine what had been changed during their hiatus, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Everything looked the same, if only a little shinier.

I’m happy to have it back!


3 responses to “9 Chatham Square is back!

  1. Saved, I really like your site! :)

  2. Still cheap, but not as cheap: seafood pan fried noodles used to be $8.95 and are now $10.95!

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