making kimchi

We made kimchi this weekend! Actually, I’m not sure that it can be called kimchi quite yet. I think it might still be fermenting. Right now it might still just be cabbage sitting in a paste of (primarily) ginger, garlic, and fish sauce. Lovely, isn’t it?

On Sunday, we ventured down on the G train to the Brooklyn Brainery for a kimchi making party! The place was packed. We literally had to shove people aside in order to be able to open and shut the front door. In any event, we finally managed to get ourselves a container and plastic gloves, as well as find the end of the queue. (The latter was more difficult than you might believe.) It was a slow-moving process, and, at times, kind of frustrating, but we ended up taking home a container of homemade kimchi (or something that will be come kimchi)! I consider that a win.

I’ve never been to an event at the Brooklyn Brainery before, so I’m not sure if they’re always such a cluster or if it was combination of an interesting class, a new space, and people being pushed indoors by the really terrible weather. It looks like they have interesting ideas, though, so I might try another one and report back!

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3 responses to “making kimchi

  1. I’ve actually never had kimchi. Curious though how it came out! It totally looks doable, but I’m guessing looks can be deceiving when it comes to this, no?

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  3. Oh, kimchi is good! It’s kind of an acquired taste, as you might imagine, it being fermented cabbage and all. :) The process was quite simple and has room for personalization. It’s just chopped up cabbage and a few shredded carrots and green onions sitting in ginger, garlic, fish sauce, red pepper, and a little sugar. I can’t wait to see how it came out!

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