Friday Links

☆ I’m a frequent Amtrak customer (though not as frequent as I used to be), and the open seating policy has always given me fits. I’ve actually seen fights erupt over it at Union Station in Chicago. In this piece on how not to take the Amtrak, someone discovers that pain, and others.

TripAdvisor, while great in theory, has some flaws – namely, that you can never be truly sure who is posting reviews, and what their motivation might be for doing so. It’s still a great tool if you take it with a grain of salt, and keep in mind that, in general, people only take the time to post reviews if they’re really happy or really unhappy.

☆ Remember when I linked to Zahi Hawass requesting the obelisk back from Central Park? This week there a story about him waging another campaign to reclaim the Bust of Nefertiti from Berlin. I’m not actually sure what’s “news” about this story because Egypt has been after the bust for a long time (in fact, the article notes they’ve been pursuing it since 1930), but I wanted to share another struggle of Egypt’s to take back the items of its cultural heritage.

☆ There’s a cute series of weekly photos involving a wooden model that I’ve been enjoying. My favorite is the last picture, in which he has a bowl of popcorn.

☆ And finally, because we saw True Grit last night, and any Coen Brothers movie reminds me of O Brother, Where Art Thou?:

Happy Friday!


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