return from poor health

I’ve been under the weather this week.

my week
You might think that would have given me plenty of time to update my blog, but all I had the energy to do was lounge on the couch and work my way through the third season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (thanks for the DVDs, brother!), the fourth season of Skins, and my DVR queue. I’m kind of television-ed out right now.

Don’t feel too sorry for me, though, as my week-long confinement on the couch is pretty much all my fault. I knew that I was feeling a little rundown last week (as indicated by my prophesying right tonsil), and I still went out for Cuban food and sangrias with my girlfriends on Thursday night, went out for Ethiopian on Friday night with Marc, met my girlfriends again (plus a special guest appearance from an out-of-town girlfriend) for dinner and drinks on Saturday night, and went to a Superbowl party on Sunday, where I compounded matters by snuggling with a cat.

Clifford watches the Superbowl Could you say no to this face?

In any event, I am feeling much improved! Hooray! I even left the apartment last night. We took a nice, brisk walk over to the Cobble Hill Cinemas for their cheap Thursday night tickets, and we saw The King’s Speech, which I highly recommend.


3 responses to “return from poor health

  1. I bet that cat and Matthew Cat would be friends. he/she is adorable!

  2. Clifford is famous! Yes, it is so hard to say no to him when he turns on those big eyes!

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