Wanderlust Wednesday: Pacaya, Guatemala

While I was messing around with the blog theme yesterday, I encountered my promise on my “travel” page to include more pictures from our trip to Guatemala in 2008. I still can’t believe that I haven’t done so! I loved Guatemala.

lava and more volcanoes Pacaya, Guatemala, January 2008

More – including video! – after jump.

We took a day trip from Antigua to Pacaya, an active volcano near Guatemala City. (You might recognize its name because it erupted last May.) We spent a long time hiking up the volcano, which, at its base, is like a (never-ending) climb up a countryside hill. We finally reached the rocky part near the top, and then we (carefully) climbed over and around the streams of lava. I’m not renowned for my balance (just this morning, I nearly fell over twice after being up for just thirty minutes), and I was a little scared being on those wobbly rocks near all the lava, especially because it was windy up there.

Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale – probably because, as you can see in the first of these videos, I tried to keep my distance from the lava!

Read More:
☆ Pacaya [Wikipedia]
☆ Pacaya Volcano [Trip Advisor]
☆ Volcan de Pacaya [official site, in Spanish]


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