Friday Links

Happy Friday!

☆ Here’s that article on the Bolivian circus lions I mentioned! [WSJ]

☆ Do you have 36 Hours in Brooklyn? Here’s what to do with it. [NYT]

☆ I’m intrigued by the hot chocolate festival, and I keep meaning to go check it out. Doesn’t hot chocolate sound good? [Grits in the City]

☆ The Times is taken to task over its article on banh mi. [Serious Eats]

Some actors from my favorite soap were on the View the other day. Please note Ridge’s boots. [CBS]

☆ The drinking on Jersey Shore, How I Met Your Mother, Always Sunny, and others is analyzed. [Vulture]

☆And, finally, because we’ve been watching Jeopardy! this week, here’s Cliff Clavin facing off against Alex Trebeck:


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