iTunes organization impossibility

I need your help.

As you can see, I have 1,388 items in my iTunes library. I tried to organize them last night and realized that it was an impossible task.

My first problem is that I don’t even know what some of those songs are or where they came from. I had something from an “unknown album” titled “1iwantitall1.” It turned out to be I Want it All by Birdman, but I only learned that by listening and then googling the lyrics. I’m still not sure how it ended up amongst my music.

Assuming I’m able to properly identify everything, where do I even begin to organize? I’ve tried using the ratings to help me sort through things (and I like to assign stars), but I’ve discovered that I end up giving songs that I’m currently listening to five stars, even if they don’t deserve it. (Case in point: You can see that I’ve given five stars to Na Na Na and Bulletproof Heart, but that’s because I’m really enjoying them right now. I’m sure in a few months I’ll be over them, and their five-star designation will be useless.)

My iTunes library is completely out of control. Does anyone have any tips? I’d be interested in hearing anything. Help!


2 responses to “iTunes organization impossibility

  1. When my computer crashed last year, I lost all the songs I had manually uploaded to itunes from CDs. Most of them were stuff KV made us in college (haha), so it wasn’t a total loss. So when I got a new computer, I only had my purchased songs in my library. It was nice because everthing had title, artist, album, genre, etc. Like you, I started using the star system and I did the same thing. I think ‘Right Now’ by Akon is still a 5 star on my iTunes. NO NEED. The best sysytem I’ve come up with is orgainzing song by activity… running, gym, walking to work, etc. Good luck :)

    PS- why did you ever have BIRDMAN on your itunes. HAHAHHAHA

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