Things I Love Thursday: Yoga Edition

yoga matimage source: Kerrie Longo. on Flickr

Things I Love Thursday after the jump!

☆ yoga – I’m recommitting myself to yoga practice, and I’m really enjoying my classes ☆ the stories my yoga instructor tells – ranging from chickens in the middle of 2nd Ave. to her students being kidnapped at gunpoint and then living to write books about it ☆ the fact that I can now roast a chicken (I’m decidedly not including the fact that then we must eat chicken for days on end) ☆ The Pretty Reckless (more on that later) ☆ the fact that one of my friends still knows all the words to Blink-182’s The Party Song – just like me ☆ mimosas at brunch ☆ learning to play Scrabble – and then playing it with my boyfriend throughout the day

Credit, as always, to Gala Darling for inspiring TILT.


One response to “Things I Love Thursday: Yoga Edition

  1. I’m proud that my brain kept some room for the Party Song lyrics! It clearly has a highly-advanced priority system for knowledge storage.

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