Taylor Momsen, I’m sorry

I have, at times, been a little hard on Taylor Momsen. I’ve called her “abrasive, self-involved, and pantsless,” I’ve mocked her hair extensions, and I’ve linked to The Scary, Sorry Sartorial Devolution of Taylor Momsen … and that’s just what I’ve done here on the blog. (You have to admit, though, that Fug Girls piece is pretty spot-on.)

In any event, the time has come to tell her I’m sorry. I downloaded Light Me Up, the album by her band, The Pretty Reckless, last night, and, man, I’m hooked. I knew that she could sing – I used to work out to Make Me Wanna Die, her band’s song from the Kick-Ass soundtrack,1 and, just after calling her “pantsless,” I linked to her covering Forget You – but the entire album is awesome.


In fact, the only problem that I have with it is the lyrics to Nothing Left to Lose, which start with the line “I was only nineteen.” Taylor Momsen, as we know, is actually only seventeen.

1 FYI, Make Me Wanna Die is also on Light Me Up.


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