plane reading

I’m heading to Italy in less than ten days (insert excited squeak here), and I’m soliciting suggestions for reading material. I have a seven-and-a-half-hour flight followed by a two hour flight to reach Rome. I’m hoping to catch some shut-eye on the long flight (and, let’s be serious, I’ll probably fall asleep on the short flight too), but I’ll have some time hanging around JFK and CDG as well.

I can be overly ambitious when selecting books for airplane rides. I spent a year trying to read Anna Karenina on planes while working for the sorority, and I selected Atonement for the long flight to Chicago from Hong Kong. Both of these were dismal failures: It took me, quite literally, years to read Anna Karenina, and I still haven’t managed to slug my way through Atonement. Faring only slightly better was Pride and Prejudice, which I couldn’t bring myself to read on the international flight I had selected it for but I did finish a month or two later.

In short, I need something a little lighter – but not too light. (I don’t do chick lit.) Can anyone help a girl out and offer some suggestions?


5 responses to “plane reading

  1. I highly recommend “The Paris Wife” about Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage. It’s brand new and it’s very well written/researched. I couldn’t put it down. As for lighter stuff… I’m a huge fan of Emily Giffin… I label her stuff chick lit for smart people.

  2. Hunger Games, Suzzanne Collins. It’s lame, like Twilight.

  3. I just read “The Year Of Living Biblically”. Hilarious, light, and fun story of one mans year of living the Bible rule for rule.

  4. I just loved two books, The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, (fiction) and Open by Andre Agassi, which is a great book, even if you are not a tennis fan. Also loved Keith Richards’ autobiography. These are all easy reading but well written and fun.

    Have a great trip!

    (In April, you can read my new NF book….?)

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I’ll look into them.

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