Friday Links

☆ An attorney learns that predicting the end of the world doesn’t get him an earlier trial date. [Overheard in New York]

Cats quote Charlie Sheen. It’s as strangely amusing as it sounds.

☆ … but, speaking of Charlie Sheen: The Argument You’re Having with Yourself About Charlie Sheen. I saw this Wednesday morning after having basically the same conversation with friends at a bar the night before. [Vulture]

☆ Here’s a tip sheet on how to get photographed by street style photographers. The advice is hilarious and awesome, including: “Wear a shoe as a hat, make a skirt from your shower curtain, steal some construction worker’s uniform to go with your Jil Sander plastic bag.” [Garance Dore]

☆ I went to a CLE program this week that addressed juries and how to keep the jurors interested. The instructor shared this hilarious letter to a judge from a frustrated juror. (I then tracked it down on the internet. I love how everything is on the internet.) [Jonathon]

☆ The Oatmeal Project involved eating oatmeal every day for the entire month of February … but crazy oatmeal (nacho oatmeal, hummus oatmeal, etc.), not the standard raisin-walnut-cinnamon oatmeal that I eat every day. [Tastespotting]

Animals! Make sure to check out the red squirrel. [Smithsonian]

Happy Friday!

ETA: I had to add this one last link after I had published this post:

☆ My hometown paper circulates a ghost story about one of the popular bars in town. [The Register-Mail]


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