the danger of silos

My brother sent this article on the risk of drowning in grain to me. Most people don’t fear silos the way that they should. (And it’s not just the operators in danger – silos can blow up.)


3 responses to “the danger of silos

  1. I just wrote a novel in which a kid is working in a grain bin (actually, is helping to MOVE the bin to another farm). He doesn’t die in his work, but I mention a guy (Arlo Jenks) who does, in a separate incident. All of the grain bin stuff in the novel is very minor, but odd that this article would then come up.

    Thanks for the tip about exploding bins. I will be wary as I pass by! :)

    Enjoy your trip, Katie!! I know it’s coming up in, what, two days?? We’re jealous. (But also happy for you!)

  2. That is a funny coincidence! Is your novel ready to read?

    One of my good friends lived in Mahomet for a while, and she told me about a grain bin explosion she saw while living there! I’ve always been wary of them.

    I’m excited about the trip! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this … I spread to as many of my friends as possible. One of the biggest fears in this Farmer’s Wife’s heart.

    On a separate – and much more pleasant note – have a safe flight and a fantastic trip!

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