travel essentials

I’m leaving on my trip the day after tomorrow! I thought I’d show you the things I’ll be packing in my carry-on to keep me comfortable during the long flight.

carry on

1. Passport. This most important thing I have to bring!
2. iPod. I can’t survive a fifteen minute train ride into Manhattan without music; there’s no way I could make it across the ocean.
3. Snacks. I’m planning on bringing these mini Larabars – which I think are the perfect size – but I’ll also probably bring something fresher, like a sack of a baby carrots.
4. Water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated when flying! You can bring empty water bottles through security and fill them up at water fountains, which is better than purchasing expensive bottled water in airport shops.
5. Hand cream. My hands get really dry, especially when flying.
6. Hand sanitizer. Airplanes can be kind of gross, and you won’t necessarily get a chance to wash your hands before eating.
7. Lip balm. I love this Fresh Sugar lip treatment.
8. Wisps. I’m excited to try these tiny disposable teeth cleaners! There’s nothing worse than the icky taste in your mouth after waking up on a flight.
9. Eye drops. I wear contacts, and my eyes get dry when on flights. Eye drops keep everything comfortable!
10. Panic button. I can sometimes get a little claustrophobic, and this blend of oils is designed to combat that. It might seem a little silly, but I swear it works.
11. Book. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone – I decided on American Wife, which is something that I stumbled across and remembered I had been meaning to read for some time. (Reading material that’s not coming: this month’s issue of Vogue. It feels like it weighs twenty pounds. It’s not carry-on friendly at all!)
12. Ear plugs. You never know who’s going to be seated next to you. (Did you read my piece on The Six Worst Passengers on Smartly?) Mom and I had a screaming child on our flight from Paris a couple of years ago, and I would have killed someone for some ear plugs. (I kid you not, that kid screamed like he was dying the whole way to Chicago.)

Did I forget anything?


2 responses to “travel essentials

  1. Whew …everyone is different :)
    I would be fine with #1 only and just trash the rest. But, I would also add clothes, camera equipment, etc, as I usually only fly with a carry-on.
    I love reading how people pack and what they bring.
    Good post, John

  2. Great piece. I love the visuals. I would add an eye-mask and you’re all set!

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