Italy 2011: Day 0

I just returned from a trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice with my folks. We had such a good time! I can’t wait to share the highlights of our trip with all of you.

Our plan was for me to leave from JFK and my folks to leave from Chicago-O’Hare, then rendezvous at Paris-Charles de Gaulle before boarding our joint flight to Rome. The day before departure, I received an email from Air France instructing me to call a number to “rebook.” Slightly panicked, I called and learned that there was a problem with the planned aircraft and the back-up plane had much less capacity. After explaining that I was traveling with someone else, the woman I spoke with assured me that I had a seat on the original flight.

I was reassured until I realized that I couldn’t check in. When I still couldn’t check in the next morning, I called Air France again. This woman also told me that I had a seat on the original flight. I was still somewhat concerned, so I arrived at JFK much earlier than needed. I was unable to check in on the kiosk, and it printed me a card telling me to see an attendant. Once more, they tried to put me on a different flight, but, when I explained that I was meeting my folks, they offered me instead an earlier flight to Paris.

As it turned out, my new flight to Paris (scheduled to leave at 6pm) was delayed by the weather in New York and we didn’t leave until around 7:30pm. I was getting nervous; my original flight was scheduled to leave at 7:05pm, and I didn’t have that long to get through passport control and switch planes in Paris. In any event, the plane eventually took off and got me to Paris in enough time to make my next flight without rushing.

Coming up next: Our first day in Rome!



One response to “Italy 2011: Day 0

  1. I can’t wait to hear more!!!!!!! :)

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