Italy 2011: Day 3

I just got back from an amazing ten day vacation in Italy with my folks! This is Day 3 of our trip.

Because we were traveling during March, we had to contend with some rain. We woke up on our third and final day in Rome to find it raining – but only a light, yet steady, drizzle. We had been planning on visiting Ostia Antica, and we weren’t going to let a little bit of rain deter us.

Our day continues after the jump!

Ostia Antica is easily reached from Rome public transportation. (Just take Metro Line B to Piramide, and then switch to the Rome-Lido railway. Seriously, easy as pie. The entire journey, starting from our hotel and switching metro lines, took no more than an hour.)

By the time we disembarked, however, the rain had graduated from a drizzle to a pelting, and there was some nasty wind to go along with it. We persevered, though, and spent a couple of hours walking around the ruins. Ostia Antica is notable because it’s a near-complete example of an ancient Rome town. The excavations show all sorts of important parts of the city: homes, shops, temples, public spaces.

excavations at Ostia Antica

theatre at Ostia Antica

remaining colums at Ostia Antica

We could have easily spent an entire day out there and still not been satisfied, but we were thoroughly soaked (and my umbrella was broken), so we headed back to Rome. We planned on spending the rest of the day inside the Capitoline Museum.

Mom and I had visited the Capitoline Museum on our last trip to Rome. (Incidentally, it had also been raining that day!) We were in a hurry last time so that we could make an appointment at the Vatican, and I really enjoyed having a more leisurely visit this time around. Some of my favorite pieces of Roman art are in the Capitoline: the bust of “Brutus,” a dour gentleman who graced the cover of one of my Latin textbooks; Marcus Aurelius on a horse; and, my all-time favorite, the she-wolf, actually an Etruscan wolf with Romulus and Remus added much later in the 15th century. (NB: Some of these images are from my last trip to Rome; there was a special exhibit happening in certain rooms, which didn’t allow pictures.)

bust of Brutus (2009)

Marcus Aurelius (2009)

Capitoline Wolf

The museum has a great view of the Roman Forum, as well!

looking over the Forum with Dad

After we left the museum, we decided to head back to Da Baffetto and be there when it opened at 6:30. We were going to have pizza that night! There was an Irish bar across the street, so we got ourselves a table, ordered some drinks, and waited it out. It was a winning strategy! We were seated immediately, and we were soon enjoying delicious pizza. It was a good way to close out our time in Rome.

Next: We head to Florence!


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  2. Great pictures and commentary !! Thanks !!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog!

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